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MANUFACTURED ORGANIC: Exploring the Environmental Implications of Art
Curated by Ryan Jones, Marisa McCarthy, and Kate Stirr

Manufactured Organic

The practice of making and exhibiting art is often at odds with environmental ideals. In addition to the material and processes used to create individual artworks, a typical exhibition consumes a large amount of material and energy, including paint for prepping gallery walls, electricity for gallery lighting, and packing material for safely transporting work to and from the exhibition.

Although working within the framework of a standard exhibition, Manufactured Organic encourages conversation about the environmental impact of the art world. Through progressively shifting their art practices to reflect a sense of ecological awareness, the artists included in Manufactured Organic pose sustainable solutions to the environmental issues inherent in exhibition process.

In an effort to offset the carbon footprint of this exhibition, a portion of the proceeds from Manufactured Organic will go toward the greening of Root Division.

Opening Reception: Saturday, March 12, 7 to 10 pm
Exhibition Dates: March 9 - March 26, 2011
Gallery Hours: Wednesdays - Saturdays, 2-6 pm (or by appointment)

Tim Armstrong
Alexis Arnold
Bill Basquin
Drew Bennett
Patterson Clark
Victoria DeBlassie
Miles Epstein
M.C. Gee
Elyse Hochstadt
Jeanette Hart-Mann
Misako Inaoka
Ryan Jones
Wendy Kawabata
Kristina Lewis
Kija Lucas*
Jackson Martin
Scott Polach
Kate Stirr*
Jesse Walton
Sarah Willis
*Root Division Resident Artist

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Sponsored by Trumer International


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