Second Saturday Reception: Saturday, November 9, 2013, 7-10pm
Including CREATIVE STATION, free all-ages art activities in our Studio 2 Classroom.
Exhibition Dates: November 6-23, 2013
Gallery Hours: Wednesday-Saturday, 2-6pm
Panel Discussion: Wednesday, November 20, 2013, 7 – 9 pm
Featuring: Kim Anno, Evan Holm, Desiree Holman, Ali Naschke-Messing

Curated by Katherine Morgan Krause (editor Dossier Journal) & Jenny Salomon (visual artist)
Special thanks to Liz Walsh for designing the catalog and for her contribution to the show.

The ancient symbol of Ouroboros, the snake eating its tail, appears in many cultures, religions, and belief systems from Ancient Egypt, Jungian philosophy, and alchemy to androgyny, mythology, and modern science. It has referenced rebirth, creation out of destruction, self-discovery, life out of death, the eternal, the joining of opposites, devouring oneself, the shadow self, immortality, and infinity.

This exhibition excavates the understanding of Ouroboros from its historical references and explores its meaning today. The curators are interested in using this symbol as a key to gather work that expresses one of these two outlooks: the eternal vs. the end.

Participating artists: 

Kim Anno
Evan Holm
Desiree Holman

Matt Keegan
Bessma Khalaf
Sandy Kim

Ali Naschke-Messing
Jesse Schlesinger
Andy Vogt & Nicolas Torres