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Julie Crosby

Artist Statement

I paint because I am inspired to explore the intricacies of every day life. My goal is to pull emotion out of everyday experiences and translate that onto the canvas. I aspire to conjure feelings from the viewer that might give one a new perspective of a seemingly ordinary or common situation.

Social issues, emotions, life and death, beauty, passion: all contribute to my work. I like to mix representation and abstraction in some of my work to depict the complexity of life: the balance between what we know and the uncertainty.

Currently, I'm most interested in human emotion, and that inspiration is driving me to paint figuratively. Catastrophic events in my personal life, as well as political and social issues over the last couple years have sent me exploring death, fear, anger, and love. I am challenged to portray my perception of the beauty in this world while giving credit to the pain and injustice at the same time.

Julie Crosby was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. She graduated from the University of Southern California in 1996, and moved to San Diego in 2000 where she studied oil painting. Her studies include courses from The Salon of Art in San Diego and CCSF and l'Atelier Aux Coleurs in San Francisco. She mainly works with oils on canvas, but is experimenting with other mediums, including encaustics.

Julie currently lives in San Francisco with her husband and her black Lab.